I’m the mother of two girls, Sophia and Hannah, living a lovely life in a small country town with my husband, Doug (D.U.G.), one grouchy old Tibetan spaniel and a cocktail glass always in hand (oh, how I wish).  I’m a newbie to blogging and recently found my inner desire to write something ~ anything.  I figured a blog was a good place to start since my Hannah was born with a genetic disease called SCID and will be participating in a clinical trial at the National Institute of Health this spring.  My blog will keep family and friends up to date on her journey…on our journey.  And maybe in between all the updates, I’ll share stories about my life shenanigans with my D.U.G., the girls and my love for moonshine and girlfriends.   Despite the insanity that comes around like the tide during a full moon, my life is really quite simple…family, friends, gratitude and cocktails ~ not always in that order.




Photos by Purple Fern Photography

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  1. Hi, my name is Barbara and my son Isaiah who was born in July of this year was diagnosed with SCID-ADA at birth. He is currently on PED-ADA as my husband and I decide what treatment is best for him. Thanks for sharing-It gives me hope!

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