Love, Mother-In-Laws & Gratitude ~

So every year I try to get a holiday card out BEFORE Dec.31st.  Most years I’m successful but there have been a couple years when my holiday card turned into a New Year’s card instead!  But that’s fine by me…

I had every intention on sending out holiday cards with my fancy-schmancy letter this past holiday season, but it just didn’t happen…so here’s our FIRST EVER family Valentine’s letter.  Some will get this little love letter through the mail but I don’t have EVERYONE’s home address so hopefully this will make up for it ~

As most of you know, Doug lost his mom just a couple months ago, a couple of weeks before Christmas.  I’m not one to generally be short for words, but the loss of her is far greater than I can describe.

Thankfully we were able to get through the holidays with all our family around us.  We had ugly cries, drank-too-much cries, is-this-really-happening cries.  “Being hit by a train” doesn’t even come close to how we were all feeling, but in those first few stints of smiles and laughter, we were all so glad to be together.

After Christmas, family came into town for Brenda’s memorial service.  We sat around the dinner table for hours and hours – talking, laughing and crying.  Despite the reason for the impromptu family gathering, it will be one of my most cherished memories.  Sophia wrote a letter to Brenda that was read at the service.  She ended the letter with, “Don’t worry about us, Grand-mommy.  We’ll be OK.”  And she’s right – life will be very different without her but we will be OK.  We’ll be OK because of the love, support, and generosity from our family and friends. 

A lifetime of thank you’s will never be enough to express our gratitude.

AND it seems as though I will need more than one lifetime because of our new and exciting journey with Hannah.  Hannah’s clinical trial for ADA SCID at the National Institute of Health will soon begin.  Once again I will be depending on the support of our family and friends.

2013 will be a year full of new ‘normals’ as we process through the loss of our beloved Brenda and courageously prepare ourselves for the upcoming clinical trial.  In anticipation of repeating myself incessantly, over MANY lifetimes, let me go ahead and start now.  THANK YOU FAMILY.  THANK YOU FRIENDS.  Thank you for lifting me, Doug and the girls during our crazy ride of 2013.  Thank you for the food, the notes, the emails, texts and phone calls.  Thank you for the prayers and positive energy you put out in the universe.  Thank you for being a part of our lives, whether near or far.  Whether we talk everyday or through simple posts or ‘LIKE’ buttons on Facebook.  We feel the warmth of your love surrounding us always.

So, as always, lift up your glass of bubbly ~

Here’s to my favorite 4-letter word (NO, not THAT 4-letter word!!!)


On this Valentine’s Day and every day, from our family to yours, we wish you a year full of infinite love and laughter ~ Cheers! 

XOXO ~ Doug, Monica, Sophia & Hannah

To my fabulous mom-in-law, we love you always and will miss you forever ~

~ We love you always and will miss you forever ~

2 thoughts on “Love, Mother-In-Laws & Gratitude ~

  1. You are so wonderful and I am very fortunate to have you in my life. I feel so very blessed and lucky that our family has so much love and compassion for each other. I love you!!!!!

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