A little sparkle & chicken wings ~

Hannah-Banana was watching the clock.  Waiting for the nurses to come get her.  Everyone who saw her that morning complimented her on her fabulous nails.  We were trying to keep her busy and not think about food (following the “you can’t eat after midnight” rule).  Lincoln logs, play doh, and even potholder looms.  That’s right, I said potholder looms…it’s actually quite therapeutic weaving those potholders.  Over, under, over, under.  She was having her IV port placed near her neck so she kept asking how the doctor was going to do it? Needed to know exactly where the port was going to be.  It will only feel like a few seconds, right Mommy?  Right, Hannah…don’t worry.  You’ll be fine. My inside voice was SCREAMING, WHY MY BABY!?!?

Anesthesia was a whole another story.  I will not write about it.  It’s a memory, unfortunately, I will NEVER forget.  Never.

Fast forward 2 hours later ~ Hannah is coming out of anesthesia.  I was worried because the last time she went through something like this, it was one of those…I will not write about it. It’s a memory, unfortunately, I will NEVER forget.  Never…

BUT this time, HANNAH-BANANA WAS AMAZING!!  AMAZING!!!  Do you HEAR me folks??? AMAZING!!!!  She could hear us talking around her, feel her daddy rubbing her hand.  And then she spoke.

“Chicken wings.”

We got my strong, brave, courageous, ‘twinkle of my eye’ some damn chicken wings.

Who would have thought a little sparkle and a handful of chicken wings would be the small things that got you through the day ~ImageImageImage

8 thoughts on “A little sparkle & chicken wings ~

  1. She is so beautiful and courageous. I am so proud of her. Give my love to both Hannah and Sophia. Massi, you are a wonderful mother. Love you.

  2. Hope to see her today 🙂
    She always sets me straight
    Love when she yells ” wait, come here” at lunch
    She doesn’t even have to say the now part
    It’s implied 🙂
    I’m ready for lunch Hannah

  3. What a sweet, and strong spirit she has. You are a great mother to be calm and supportive when every instinct tells you to grab her and run away to protect her from pain, illness and harm. We wish you all love , support, and less traumatic memories.
    Love and positive energy from Charlotte

  4. She is an amazing young lady. A testament to us all that it truly is the small things in life that keep us happy. Prayers for all of you during this journey. Keep those wings coming and those nails shiny.

  5. Beautiful Hannah and Massi! Our warrior princess and Queen! Love love love the blog, pics and you both. And welcome home. Big hugs from SD. Annamassi

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